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The doctors moved 24-year-old David Cosner from the Intensive Care Unit, and he liked his new room. Originally built to accommodate two beds, the wood floor of room 321 in St. David’s Georgetown Hospital supported one bed, which held red-haired, red-bearded David, and a couch in lieu of the second bed, on which David’s mom, Chrissy, would sit. The second bed’s absence left 6-foot-4 David plenty of space — for recovering, for visitors, for walking around with his “ball and chain,” known technically as an intravenous, or IV, pump. Everywhere David went, it went, too. > Read More

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Posted by admin on December 12, 2014


Finish reading this before you give up and call me a whiner, because there are people all over this world that are hurting. And for some, their pain is the type that will never leave. So I promise I’m not complaining.

This morning I'm hurting after multi-level fusion surgery on my neck. I woke up a bit discouraged cause it's been like that a few days now. My pain level has been elevated, and it just felt like I was having this huge setback. > Read More


In the years since he acquired the chronic vascular disorder, he has endured 4 rounds of chemotherapy, learned to walk 3 times, and barely escaped from 2 comas. Dealing with such adversity teaches you valuable lessons about how precious each moment in life truly is. It’s the sort of early-acquired wisdom he now shares with a rapt audience at Texas State. Dave fights to take in every breath of sweet oxygen his lungs will accept. Dave Cosner is a survivor. > Read More


Dave Cosner stands at a podium in front of a class at Texas State. The Austin native is a marketing major but today he’s here to deliver a motivational speech. Dave is tall, 6’4″, a former lacrosse player. The girls in attendance think he’s cute. Dave begins, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.” He’ll go on to eloquently discuss the importance of family and how the little things in life actually turn out to be the big things. Dave seems so composed. But if you listen closely, Dave’s breathing belies something amiss just under the surface. The way he takes air into his lungs between sentences is slightly labored, it seems to take just a split second longer than it would you or I…and as well it should. > Read more


Posted by admin on July 15, 2011

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David Cosner can't catch a break. During the last few years, he's been whittled on, flunked and generally mishandled by life. Not that he's complaining, mind you, but it does wear a body down.

If you followed the 2010 National Guard FLW National College Championship quest in FLW Outdoors magazine, you know the story of Cosner, the Texas State University standard-bearer. Cosner and his partner, Jay McCollum, came within an eyelash of winning the title, losing the championship to the University of Florida by a margin of 9 ounces (29-10 to 29-1).

What a lot of people didn't know is that a couple of months before the tournament, Cosner was in a Texas hospital's ICU after having most of his right lung removed. Cosner, 21, is afflicted with a disease called Wegner's granulomatosis, which weakens the pulmonary system and organs, and causes a general deterioration of the body's immune system. > Read More

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