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Nearing his 200th surgery, Texas State student breathes fire of determination

Posted by admin on December 12, 2014


The doctors moved 24-year-old David Cosner from the Intensive Care Unit, and he liked his new room. Originally built to accommodate two beds, the wood floor of room 321 in St. David’s Georgetown Hospital supported one bed, which held red-haired, red-bearded David, and a couch in lieu of the second bed, on which David’s mom, Chrissy, would sit. The second bed’s absence left 6-foot-4 David plenty of space — for recovering, for visitors, for walking around with his “ball and chain,” known technically as an intravenous, or IV, pump. Everywhere David went, it went, too. > Read More

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Check out the video below for a flashback on David's story. And stay tuned for the documentary series Life On The Line - Coming Soon.