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Posted by admin on July 15, 2011

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David Cosner can't catch a break. During the last few years, he's been whittled on, flunked and generally mishandled by life. Not that he's complaining, mind you, but it does wear a body down.

If you followed the 2010 National Guard FLW National College Championship quest in FLW Outdoors magazine, you know the story of Cosner, the Texas State University standard-bearer. Cosner and his partner, Jay McCollum, came within an eyelash of winning the title, losing the championship to the University of Florida by a margin of 9 ounces (29-10 to 29-1).

What a lot of people didn't know is that a couple of months before the tournament, Cosner was in a Texas hospital's ICU after having most of his right lung removed. Cosner, 21, is afflicted with a disease called Wegner's granulomatosis, which weakens the pulmonary system and organs, and causes a general deterioration of the body's immune system. > Read More

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Check out the video below for a flashback on David's story. And stay tuned for the documentary series Life On The Line - Coming Soon.