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Posted by admin on May 1, 2009


My name is David.  It was a hot July summers day in 2006, I could hear the engines of the Moto GP bikes in the pits, the gut wrenching rumble of 250 horses zooming around the track at over 200 miles per hour.  My family and I were on our summer vacation through California, our last stop was at the 2006 Red Bull U.S.G.P at Laguna Seca. I have been waiting for this vacation for years, and it was finally here. Race day fell on a Sunday at two p.m, the bikes were on the starting line, engines revving at thousands of RPM’s. Three, two, one! The green flag drops and they are off, my brother Dylan and I glued to the fence on the side of the track. About half way through the race I noticed something different, my nose had started to run, just an ever so slight drip. Almost like I was coming down with a cold or something.

I went back to where we were camped out for the day and grabbed a Kleenex, thinking it was nothing, I went on enjoying my day at the races. But little did I know over the next three months I would be in the fight for my life at the ripe age of 16 years old. > Read More

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Check out the video below for a flashback on David's story. And stay tuned for the documentary series Life On The Line - Coming Soon.