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A Ladybug Christmas

Posted by admin on June 29, 2017



Why your spirit will always matter more than your complications

“But life's not the breath you take…”
Dateline: Christmas 2014

I don’t know what God wants.
Of me.
From me.
I don’t even know if I believe there is a God, I tend to believe more that aliens put us here, seeded this planet so to speak. I tend to believe all those UFO’s we see in the sky are just the newest attraction in the Disneyworld of 3014, long lines to FastPass the real WayBack Machine ride. Turns out Peabody was right.
But then.
But then.
Then comes a ladybug.

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The Power of Bass Fishing

Posted by admin on June 28, 2017


Have you ever taken a long look into your heart, soul and mind and asked yourself why you love this sport? How is it that a little green fish with a pea-sized brain has such an unwavering hold on you? Maybe it helps you relax. Maybe it satisfies your competitive spirit. Maybe it’s just all you’ve ever known. Or maybe, as is the case with 24-year-old Texas State University angler David Cosner, it literally helps you survive.

I believe, with everything I am, that God places certain people in our lives to teach us imperative lessons. Some of these people might teach us perseverance while others may teach us how to love deeper than we ever knew possible. Today, however, an angel in the form of David Cosner taught me about perspective.

This piece isn’t going to teach you how to flip a jig, drag a worm or work a topwater frog—it’s not about bass fishing. It’s about becoming a better person. > Read More

'5-pound therapy' for ailing college angler

Posted by admin on July 8, 2015


AUSTIN, Texas — All bass anglers would agree that catching a 5-pounder makes them feel good, but for David Cosner, the feat is much more than a good feeling.

Cosner calls that feeling “5-pound therapy” which helps him deal with Wegener’s Granulomatosis, a rare disease that causes the inflammation of blood vessels which restricts blood flow and damages major organs of the body.

Diagnosed with the disease when he was 17 years old, Cosner has been battling the disease that has attacked his lungs for more than eight years.

Cosner, 25, has had two-thirds of his right lung removed and undergone 217 procedures to clean out his lungs. He has been in a coma twice, had to learn how to walk again three times and has endured four rounds of chemotherapy. > Read More


A local athlete fighting a rare disease is touching the hearts of many. A post he made on social media, prompted friends to start a campaign in his honor.

In less two weeks, nearly $9,000 has been raised for David Cosner. It was all made possible by family, friends and dozens of people around austin he has never met. 25-year-old David Cosner says fishing is his best medicine.

At 17 he was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomatosis, a rare disease that causes the inflammation of blood vessels and can damage major organs of the body. In David's case, it's his lungs that have taken a hit. > Read More


The doctors moved 24-year-old David Cosner from the Intensive Care Unit, and he liked his new room. Originally built to accommodate two beds, the wood floor of room 321 in St. David’s Georgetown Hospital supported one bed, which held red-haired, red-bearded David, and a couch in lieu of the second bed, on which David’s mom, Chrissy, would sit. The second bed’s absence left 6-foot-4 David plenty of space — for recovering, for visitors, for walking around with his “ball and chain,” known technically as an intravenous, or IV, pump. Everywhere David went, it went, too. > Read More

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